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Because satisfied clients are the reason for
continued success.

"Viveck Vermaa and his architectural firm has become an integral part of our
growing enterprise. It started with my association with his design firm in 1998
for my residence at Ambala. It has been almost 10 years now and Viveck has
designed several homes for my friends and relatives in India and abroad
besides designing factory buildings and offices for my business. Each of these
projects has had unique needs and challenges. Viveck has delivered highly
customized and aesthetically unique solutions with immaculate detailing with
full control on budgets. Time after time, Viveck has delivered quality designs
that required minimal or no additional design resource deployment."

   Neeraj Jain, Managing Director, Labotron Industries Ltd.

"Viveck’s designs are a good blend of modern and traditional styles and have
a contemporary feel to them. I highly appreciate his eye for detail and
nuances. I was impressed by his ability to transform the larger picture in my
mind to finer details in the interiors.

He is most reliable, dependable & very responsible professional. He is very
passionate about his work. He is client friendly and very pleasant to work
with. My experience with him has been of complete satisfaction so much so
that I have engaged him for my second bigger housing project in Noida and
would love to engage him for my next project coming up in Faridabad if he
has time for this.

Above all Viveck is very lovable and accessible. He comes highly
recommended by me to anybody who is looking forward to setting up their
home in style and at the same time retain the simplicity of a comfortable

   Vijay Jindal, CEO & Managing Director, Srei Venture Capital Ltd.

"There are many ways an architect can impress you, there are first
impressions and there are the good feelings about his designs that endure.
The unique quality about Viveck’s work was his instinctual understanding of us
as people, which he translated into living design. He changed spaces for us
during our residential renovation in such a radical way, that each day we
remember him with our life turned ever so convenient by his imaginative
accommodation of all our needs, including those of our pet dog. He answered
our every phone call, even when we called four times a day! At the first
sounds of worry in our voice he’d be at site and by our side sorting out even
the tiniest window detail. Most off all he was a budget whiz, who taught what
true value is by providing us with the specialised contractors and pricing
everything beforehand. Thank god he also did the accounting!

What began as a professional arrangement has somehow easily turned into
what we believe will be a lifelong friendship."

   Pramila N Phatarphekar and Pankaj Pachauri

"Viveck helped me rennovate my flat in Ashadeep Building, Haley Road,
N.Delhi. He not only designed the space, he also took responsibily of the
construction. He did an excellent job, not only in terms of good quality work
but also staying within the budget that we had both agreed upon.

He looks at all problem associated with the design and its execution very
analytically and knowedgably and finds a solution. He is extremely hard
working and takes every job as if it were personal. I depended upon him
totally as I did not live in Delhi where the work was going on and he took the
entire responsibility and did everything the way I had wanted.

He has common sense, expertise and integrity. I have recommended him to
friends and they have all been happy with Viveck's work.

I hope he continues to do well."

   Farhan Mujib, Artist

"Gallerie Nvya moved from a large space to a smaller space at Academy of
Fine arts at Siri fort Institutional area.

All of us who were used to the large space were quite perturbed about this
move and needed an architect who had experience, vision and yet was

We were introduced to Viveck Vermaa by a close friend who promised that we
would not be disappointed.

Along with all the technical know how, he kept to all the commitments very
sincerely. The space he created for us is indeed one of the best.

We are more than happy working with him and his team. We wish them all the

   Tripat K.Kalra, (Director), Gallerie Nvya

“I dont think that labelle could have jump-started without Viveck. He is truly
outstanding by any standards.He brings such an expertise, insight and
perspective to his projects.”

   Madhavi Singupuram, Labelle Slimming & Beauty Centres, Hyderabad

"I want to take this opportunity to commend Viveck’s hard work and
outstanding service in the construction of our house in NOIDA which entailed
designing the concept, ensuring execution and closing the financial details
relating to it.

Though it was first ever project of his independent architectural practice,
during the process with project, he was able to provide the right design flare
necessary to satisfy all of our wants and needs. The time and effort he
devoted to this project was evident in the attention to detail, attentive
service and accuracy in the drawings.

It was certainly a pleasure working with him on this project, so much so that
after twelve years my son has engaged him for his upcoming residence in
Greater Noida."

   Ram Saran, ex Senior Vice-President, Centurion Bank

"A well planned layout with strong space planning and landscaping which has
created a feeling of spaciousness within the (Sai Baba Temple) complex. The
way devotees are sought to be received at the main queue structure and
guided towards the Samadhi Mandir is innovative. The creation of sunken
court in front of the Samadhi Mandir and providing a Kund in Lendi baug to
collect Abhishek water are some of the other interesting features."

   Comments by the Jury comprised of Prof. Madav Deobhakta,
Former President of the Indian Institute of Architects, Dr.
Sadashiv Gorashakar, Ex-Director of Prince of Wales Museum,
Mumbai and Smt. Brinda Somaya, Architect, on award winning
entry by Viveck Vermaa.

The Most prefered architect award - I Diva awards 2012

The best interior for spa - I Diva awards 2012
(for Crunch Gym & Spa, Rohini, New Delhi)

The best interior for a beauty salon - I Diva awards 2012
(for Meenakshi Dutt Makeovers - Shivalik, New Delhi)

Shortlisted Entry - National Open Architectural Competition
for Municipal Corporation of Ludhiana - 2001.

1st Award in a Limited Architectural Competition for Sai Baba Temple
Complex, New Delhi in 1999.

2nd Award in an National Open Architectural Competition for Sai Baba Temple
Complex, Shirdi in 1996.

1st Award in an Open Design Idea Competition for Arts & Crafts Village,
Hyderabad in 1995.


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